Become a StressFree Bride 

Dr. Miriam Franco, Psy.D.

Picture yourself planning your wedding with a clear, calm focus and relaxed body…Feel yourself lower wedding day nerves with deep, cleansing breaths that center you as you glide down the aisle effortlessly… practice letting go of tension and worry lines before wedding photos as you imagine an ideal place of relaxation or someone easy to love … learn how to retain clarity of focus and purpose amidst the flurry of wedding reception details and wedding guests …and open yourself up to your loving, generous spirit as you embark on your wedding journey, relaxed and joyful, ready to celebrate the transition to married life as you dress and prepare to greet your groom and wedding guests…
Whether you experience the occasional, mild wedding jitters, a few sleepless nights, major wedding planning stress or wedding day nerves, you can benefit from the power of Guided Imagery.  Guided Imagery is a gentle yet profound mind-body technique that has been found to empower people to cope with the anticipation of life transitions, such as weddings, with less stress and greater ease.
My StressFree Guided Imagery will teach you first how to become deeply relaxed and then how to use your own sensory images to practice ways to shift the way you experience your emotions and thinking–to actually imagine, with your senses, how to feel differently and sustain this awareness.
Any bride to be can use it. It is a tool that can help the bride plan a wedding with patience and remind her to take time for herself while preparing for the emotional and mental challenges of a wedding while remaining open to the joy, fun, and celebration of her wedding journey.  Guided Imagery will transform you into a Stressfree Bride!


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