To locate a guided imagery practitioner in the US or abroad, visit Imagery International’s website. Imagery International list certified practitioners in every region and provides interesting podcasts and information regarding how GI practitioners are applying GI in their work endeavors.

To become a GI practitioner contact The Academy of Guided Imagery in California. This is a training program, the first in the US, to certify health practitioners in GI especially the live one on one GI interventions referred to as Interactive Imagery (as compared to GI practiced in groups, workshops or by recording). The Academy also offers an impressive bibliography of GI research in many areas of health and medicine.

Beyond Ordinary Nursing or BON offers nurses and other health professionals training in Integrative Guided imagery also.

To Learn about Guided Imagery for children: A child psychologist in California, Charlotte Reznick maintains an active blog on how to apply GI with your kids and teens after the great success of her book: The Power of Your Child’s Imagination. Her website is:

There are other good GI books for parents and teachers that include GI scripts: Eileen Curran’s book: GI for Teens can be purchased at: and Spinning Inward , Maureen Murdoch’s book on GI for younger children is available through Shambala Press at:

To Learn about Current Guided Imagery Research visit Belleruth Naparstek’s website: Hot Topics at

To Purchase GI Products: A broad range of GI, meditation, stress-reduction products are available at Belleruth Naparstek’s website:

To Learn More about Dr. Franco’s GI Research, visit the Research tab on this website.