Miriam Franco, MSW, Psy.D.

Dr. Miriam Franco, LCSW, Psy.D. is a psychologist, social worker, certified in Advanced EMDR treatment, certified in Guided Imagery and in Hypnosis and is a certified  Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. She obtained her MSW degree from Smith Graduate School of Social Work and her Psy.D. from Immaculata University Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Franco is also a certified Relational Psychoanalyst having graduated from the Institute for Relational Psychoanalysis of Philadelphia. Dr. Franco is a Professor Emeritus at Immaculata University.  She is a Health Care Partner with the National MS Society. 

Dr. Franco is also a recognized psychotherapist in the treatment of chronic pain conditions, PTSD, health trauma, and somatoform disorders.  She brings years of clinical practice and experience to her work in helping people lower stress and anxiety and improve coping utilizing autogenic relaxation and Guided Imagery (GI).  She trains health professionals to apply GI to their work with MS, cancer, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Epilepsy, ALS, Heart Disease and prepares people for surgery as well. She conducts workshops nationally in lowering stress and, coping with chronic illness (Relaxation and GI for Kidney Disease; Lowering Anxiety and Injection Anxiety Associated with MS, Pediatric MS), and challenging life events and medical procedures (Stressfree MRIs, Defeat Dental Fear, Mastering Test Anxiety, Stressfree Bride).


Dr. Franco has taught college athletes to lower stress and improve performance (De-Stress 101, Imagine the Possibilities) ,caregivers to reduce stress, insomnia and depression (Relieving Caregiver Stress), students to improve focus, study, retention and test performance (Master Test Anxiety,Max Performance), brides to de-stress wedding stress (Stress-free Bride), and young women to improve their confidence and sense of inner beauty (Beautiful Confidence at Your Core). She is available for phone consultations, group workshops and individual work.

Dr. Franco has published pilot research studies on Use of Relaxation and Guided Imagery to Lower Anxiety and Injection Anxiety among MS Patients (2008), a review article on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Older women (2007) and has been interviewed numerous times for her GI work: She is a regular contributor to MS patient publications.  Dr. Franco has been the guest host for numerous podcasts including: The MSAA’s Exploring Relationships & MS, 2019; Coping with Anxiety & MS, Surviving and Thriving with MS, 2019 .* Dr. Carol Ritberger’s Radio Show Reducing Stress Associated with MS. 2014; *Dr. Juliet Rhode-Brown, Emotional Pathways webtalk radio: Relieving Caregiver Stress 2011; Dr. Juliet Rhode-Brown, Emotional Pathways webtalk radio: Beautiful Confidence at Your Core.2010; Imagery International Podcast: Value of Relaxation and Guided Imagery to Improve Quality of Life with MS. 2010; MS and Guided Imagery: An Interview with Dr. Miriam Franco, The Motivator, 2008, MSAA and Stressfree Brides, MainLine Times, 2009.