GI to Reduce Anxiety and Injection Anxiety Associated with MS


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This GI exercise is designed for people with MS who take injections or infusion drugs via an IV to teach them first hwo to relax and then how to imagine with their senses their medicine is an ally in their own relaxation and healing process.  Specific imagery of how any of the major disease modifying therapies work in the body is employed.  Practice can result in reduced pain, improved energy and rest, lower anxiety about taking and receiving these medicines and experiencing your medicine as an integral part of your healing process.

“Whether newly diagnosed, or long familiar with the uncertainties and progressive nature of Multiple Sclerosis, coping with stress can be a challenge for the person with MS, health care providers and loved ones. While it is a hopeful time for all of us, treatment, many of which are given by injection or infusion, can add yet another unique layer of anxiety. Dr. Franco’s program of guided imagery combines her expertise as a teacher and clinician with a warm reassurance that makes it effective and welcome. It is a valued addition to my resources for providing comprehensive, state of the art care with a personal approach.” ~ Dottie Cassidy Pfohl, MS Certified Nurse