Master Test Anxiety: Max Performance is a series of 4 Guided Imagery exercises aimed to reduce anxiety associated with studying and test taking. Each can be purchased or practiced separately. However, for maximal effect, it is best to practice them in sequence. The first two tracks (De-Stress 101 and Imagine the Possibilities) teach you how to become deeply relaxed, centered and to imagine possible end results you would like to experience. It’s recommended that you practice De-Stress 101 first for several days and then Imagine the Possibilities for the remainder of the week. In week 2, the last two tracks (Boost Your Confidence and Dress Rehearsal) are longer and its best to practice them one at a time. Boost Your Confidence will deepen your confidence in your process and ability to imagine going to a safe place when you need to re-anchor yourself before the “next challenge” and requires daily practice for a few days. Dress Rehearsal is an actual sensory rehearsal of first going to your inner library to study to improve focus and recall and second, being guided through an imagined exam or interview from the beginning to the end.

So if you are preparing for major exams or interviews, ideally you would allow yourself 3 to 4 weeks of practice. At least one week for the first two tracks, a week of Boosting your Confidence and then a week of Dress Rehearsal the week before the exam or interview. Thereafter, De-Stress 101 is good to use from time to time to promote well being and restore energy and Imagine the Possibilities is good to practice when you need to hold better with longer term goals that require time to accomplish them and Boosting Your Confidence is always great to use to deepen your inner intuition and confidence in your own process and coping.

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